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Crazy Eights

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WHAT IS "CRAZY EIGHTS"? Well, it’s definitely not the card game you learned as a child. However, if the body life dealt you is not shaping up the way you want through conventional training approaches (or if you’re looking for something that will get you into even crazier shape than you already are) this will stop the insanity and stimulate the results! I credit this method of training as one of the key workout routines that helped Alissa and I get into our best shape ever when we won the 2007 IsaBody Challenge. This method of training is based on Vince Gironda's "8 sets of 8" and has been referred to as one of the “most powerful training systems ever created!”

WHO IS VINCE GIRONDA? He may have been one of the best celebrity and bodybuilding trainers who ever lived and was years ahead of his time! Credited with turning out more Mr. America and Mr. Universe champions than any other trainer in history Vince's clients included Arnold, Larry Scott (the first Mr. Olympia), and Lee Haney (8-time Mr. Olympia). Vince's gym was the #1 destination for Hollywood stars who needed to get in shape fast (not in months BUT in weeks or even days)! His star clientele included Cher, Clint Eastwood, Denzel Washington, Michael Landon and Kurt Russel.

HOW IT WORKS: Crazy Eights stimulates results in the quickest time possible and may very well be the most effective set and rep combination ever developed for rapidly building muscle fibre while simultaneously shedding body fat! This is a high volume but short duration, fast paced workout designed for stimulating significant cosmetic gains in muscle size and muscle tone with performance enhancements in muscular endurance and overall stamina. With short rest intervals to stress the cardiovascular system this is a major calorie-burning workout that stimulates the metabolism for hours afterwards while also stirring up hormones for triggering new muscle growth and melting away the fat.

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: Three or four exercises per muscle group are selected and 8 sets of 8 reps are performed for each exercise. Yes - that's 24-32 sets/body part! Normally you only work 2-3 muscle groups per session but this can be modified with fewer exercises per body part to create a full-body routine. Rest between sets is kept to 15-30sec and each workout is completed within 45min and never more than 60min. Although this may seem like a high volume of exercise it is NOT overtraining because you're not exceeding the workout duration that begins having a negative effect on recovery and hormones.

WHY IT WORKS: More work in less time = higher intensity & better results

Many people mistakenly believe that the only way to increase muscle mass is to increase the amount of weight you lift. This is NOT true. Overload is an essential prerequisite to build muscle, BUT there are several different ways to overload the muscle. Increasing the weight may be "one of the best ways", but it is NOT the only way. Performing MORE work in LESS time may actually even be a BETTER method of overload!

According to Vince Gironda, the "Iron Guru", "To build muscles you must increase the INTENSITY of work done within a given TIME. This means MINIMUM REST between sets. Push yourself. I feel workouts should be TIMED and you should constantly strive to SHORTEN THE TIME it takes to get through your routine. This is another form of progressive resistance, and is more important than increasing your weights. This principle of overload explains why sprinters have bigger muscles than distance runners. Although it's more work to run a mile than it is to run 100 yards, the sprinter is doing more work per second. Consequently his muscles will become larger."

I have to agree with Vince's advice...I see too many people in the gym (incl. trainers with their clients) without a training journal to track and monitor key training variables like rest between sets and workout duration. In fact, I've trained in several gyms where for every 4-8 sets I've completed another trainer has taken their client through just one! No wonder stats reveal LESS THAN 2% of TRAINERS are DELIVERING sustainable RESULTS for 88% of CLIENTS!


The most popular methods of training involve 2-4 exercises per muscle group for 3-4 sets of 6-12 reps with rest intervals between 60secs to 4 minutes. So why bother with such an “outrageous” program as “Crazy 8’s”? The answer is because this type of high volume, fast paced training will be a total shock to your body, especially in the beginning. The body will adapt to any training routine within a matter of weeks so when adaptation occurs (approximately every 4-8 weeks) it is very important to seek out new types of exercise stress to coax out new results. I am a strong advocate of “muscle confusion” for stimulating new gains even if this involves brief periods of “planned over-training”. Crazy 8’s is simply an unusual (but highly effective) method of overload and muscle confusion.


Obviously, this program is not intended for constant use. Consider it a “shock routine” you can use for brief training periods to overcome a plateau, kick-start new results or renew motivation when you need it most. After completing a 2-4 week cycle of Crazy 8’s you can go back to more conventional training methods and then return to it whenever your body needs another shock! Another advantage of Crazy 8’s is that it can be used to work around an injury. Heavy training within the 4-9 rep max range is impossible when you have a strain or soft tissue injury. But you can still do Crazy 8’s at a fraction of your usual weight. Crazy 8’s is also amazing for pre-contest preparation for fitness competitors, body builders and transformation contests (remember I credit Crazy 8’s for the exercise piece of the puzzle that helped my wife and I get into our best shape ever to win the 2007 IsaBody Challenge). This is because performing 50-60 sets in under an hour is also highly aerobic. Each training session actually doubles as resistance training and a cardio workout! Those with a fast metabolism may not even need to add any additional aerobic exercise when following Crazy 8’s.

WHY TIMING IS EVERYTHING: Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life (and a great physique) is made of.” – Benjamin Franklin Out of all the exercise variables responsible for stimulating a specific result “time” is the most overlooked, misunderstood and unappreciated. Vince Gironda advocated a very “business-like approach to timing”…Time is money, Time is results! He said that using the 8 sets of 8 format is not enough to ensure optimal gains. What’s more important with “Crazy 8’s” is the speed with which you get through the workout. “Minimum rest between sets is a must” said the Iron Guru. I’ve gotten myself and clients down to completing 8 sets within 5min or less.

How Much Rest Between Sets? Your goal is to reduce your rest intervals to less than 30sec ultimately cutting them down to just 15sec. Once you’ve become conditioned to the demands you’ll need just 5-10 deep breaths between each set. If your tempo on each exercise is 2-0-2-0 (2 sec eccentric, no pauses, and 2 sec concentric) then each rep takes 4 seconds. Eight reps per set means each set will take 32 sec. With a 15-20 sec rest interval, 24 sets (3 exercises/body part) will take a total of 18-21 minutes to complete and 32 sets (4 exercises/body part) will take 25-28 min to complete.

Tempo Tips: The proper tempo combined with the correct resistance is the key to success in Crazy 8’s. Optimal tempo is defined as “the evenly spaced sets (time-wise) without any distractions and complete concentration on when to pick up the next weight for the next set.” This means no reading magazines, no touring the gym, no socializing, and no – not even going to the bathroom. This type of program requires 100% concentration. If you get interrupted or distracted, you might as well go home! Do NOT put the dumbbells down between sets. Keep them in your hands and rest them on your thighs. Also, don’t release the bar between sets; rack it, but don’t release your hands…remember, 15-20secs is NOT a long time! Stay on the bench or machine until you’re done all 8 sets of 8! Take no rest between body parts. When you finish the last set of an exercise, move directly to the next exercise.

So…are you crazy enough for “Crazy Eights”? If so, your craziest shape ever is waiting for you!!!

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