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How FIT are your body’s natural systems
of detoxification for today’s world?

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Welcome to Jeff Boris Wellness Solutions

If you could achieve one HEALTH or WEALTH goal within the next 30 days what would it be?

It only takes ONE DECISION to change your life…and Your Healthiest Body and Best Life is only one decision away!

Specializing in services, products & partnerships to make it happen!

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: Providing quality education and motivation through seminars, research, freelance writing, coaching and consulting.

INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS: Delivering the wisdom of nature through wellness technologies, exercise equipment, whole-food supplements, cleansing, fat loss and muscle building systems in forms that are intelligently aligned with our bodies’ real needs.

PROFITABLE PARTNERSHIPS: Collaborating with professionals, businesses and independent entrepreneurs through complementary services and products.



When Henry Ford was once told how lucky he was, he responded with, “The strange thing is the harder I work the luckier I get.” These are words of wisdom born of experience. During my wife’s pregnancy I provided a similar response when I heard people say how lucky she was to not have experienced any of the common challenges associated with pregnancy: “Oddly enough, the better she takes care of herself with exercise and nutrition the luckier she is.” The same can be said for chronic disease, obesity and aging; every outcome (good or bad) is the consequence of our actions (or inaction).

Although Henry Ford had a good point, it’s simply not working hard that produces results, but working smart. Being lean and healthy need not be difficult. Its doing simple, yet key things in a certain way…and doing them consistently that gives our clients that “Slight Edge”! The lifestyle recommendations we provide using the Boris Model of Holistic Self-Care is “the certain way”: both scientifically based and practically proven with real-life results.

There really is no secret to improving health or performance. Your body already knows what it needs. It’s our task to help you learn how to communicate with and understand your body so you can give it what only you can give – the best in progressive exercise, nutrition, supplementation, and balanced living. For most, the results are almost immediate. For some, it’s a more gradual process of discovering what works best. Although it took Thomas Edison 2000 attempts to create the light bulb, each attempt was another step closer to the one that worked!

“We can render society and our family no greater service
than to make the most of ourselves – body, mind and spirit!”


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